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This is for Christian Novelli

Christian Novelli can be found in the dictionary under perfection. My name is Haley Weaver and I really like Peter Pan. Christian is my everything. Hope you enjoy your stay here :)

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💖 gosh he’s cute


i cant wait until it starts snowing !!!!

have a rad day my fellow friends ☃


you know what really fucking sucks? Going to school when you’re suicidal. Because you fucking hate yourself for being shit at school but you can’t focus when you’re at school because all you’re thinking about is how badly you want to die. 

Also: when you self harm and go to school and the only thing you can do is constantly look down at your wrist or legs or hips or body and just think “holy shit I just smiled at someone. I just told someone I am having a good day.” Knowing good and god damn well that you’re not okay and everything is just a massive disaster. 


👻💕Christian Novelli👻💕

snow day,

smile :)


for Christian c: @christianovelli